Tricks of the Trade

About Faces
Most women want to have a natural and even looking complexion. The key is to find a foundation that suits your skin type and tone. If you have oily skin I would advice to go for an oil-free matt fluid or powder foundation. If you have dry skin a creamy or moisturising and illuminating fluid foundation works best for you. In case of normal or good condition skin a tinted moisturised might be all you need.

Please be aware that the best place to start finding the perfect foundation colour for you is at your jawline as it combines your skin and neck colour. Then you should try the foundation on forehead and cheeks to see if it blends in perfectly all over. Also, don't hesitate to test the colour in natural light as store lightening can be misleading.

Next to high quality products good quality tools as brushes, sponges and puffs are essential. Usually all products you buy come with a tool, but they are usually not ideal as too small or compromising in quality. If you want a flawless and perfect looking complexion it is highly adviseable to invest in a high quality natural hair powder brush, good make-up brushes or sponges.

About Eyes
Eyes are the window to the soul and the most expressive feature of the face. Working with different colours and techniques you can emphasize your natural eye colour and shape. Eyes are my favourite features that I like to work on and my most adored tool to emphasize eyes is the mascara brush.

If you have brown eyes warm tones will look more natural while cool tones will create more drama.

If you have blue/grey eyes cool shades will look softer while warm tones will really bring the colour out.

Whatever you do - curling your lashes and framing them with masacara is the quickest and most effective way to accentuate and open up your eyes.

About Cheeks
This is the ideal place to give the complexion a rosy, fresh or tanned look. It is also the best place to shape a face and even out any disporportions.

If you just want a healthy glow use some rosy coloured cheek tint or cream blush on the apples of your cheek.

If you want your rosy cheeks to last all day use powder blush and put some transparent powder over it with a natural bristle brush to make it stay all day.

If you have a round face try to apply your rouge or bronzer more on the outer sides of your cheek underlining your cheek bones and away from the centre as it will make your face look slimmer.

If you have a narrow face apply your rouge or bronzer only on the apples of your cheeks towards towards the centre in order to make your face look fuller.

About Lips
Enhancing lips is an old tradition to draw attention to the most sensual part of the face.

To keep lipstick from fading and getting the true colour use some foundation or concealer to prime the lips.

Lipliner is useful to keep your lipstick in place and to correct unevenness and shape your natural lip line.

Fuller lips look best in darker matt shades, while thinner lips look best in a creamy medium rosy shade. In both cases you can always use a little gloss in the centre of the lips to emphasize a pout.

Nevertheless, if you are not a lipstick kind of girl or choose to accentuate your eyes just use some lip gloss or balm instead. For the perfect nude look mix some foundation or conceiler with your lip gloss.